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About Us

Global Citizen Insider is an expert-guided platform that offers practical solutions and skills to help you move overseas and thrive as a global citizen in top global destinations.

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Our Missions

Our mission is to empower, inspire, and support you to make your living abroad journey as smooth as possible and live the life you want – no matter where you are.

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Find & Move to the place you love

No more feeling alone, misunderstood and unheard. No more ‘what if I knew this earlier…‘ We bring global minds with local insights to provide invaluable tools and practical tips to empower you to embark on your transformative living abroad.

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Get your dream job & Live your dream life

New country, new life, new career path! 

With the right support and effective tips, we help you land new opportunities and start a successful international career. 

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Become a changemaker!

A global citizen can also be a changemaker. The ability to shape the future depends on what you do today. Join us to connect and find solutions for the challenges you face. 

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Lead positive changes. Achieve success, no matter where you are.


Our journey as global citizens didn’t begin yesterday; rather, we relocated more than five times and moved overseas seven years ago. Moving and living abroad can be challenging, but if planned and executed appropriately, it should be the journey we dream of rather than a stressful experience. 


We strongly believe everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential and have a meaningful life. We aim to become the trusted partner who helps you make your journey to becoming a global citizen as smooth as possible while enjoying your global lifestyle every step of the way.


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